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from my clients


Miss N.O.

The space is very clean, spacious and comfortable with relaxing music!

Aiko is an amazing technician!

I have been her customer for many years

and she always makes sure her customer's

100% satisfaction!

She only uses materials imported from Japan

and their quality is just outstanding.

The location is very convenient, just a few blocks away from the station and it is an easy trip from the city as well.

I would highly recommend this studio if you want gorgeous eyelash ;)

Miss P.M.

I was bit nervous because of my most recent visit to another salon. I'm someone who likes a very minimal, natural look.

Aiko did a really thorough job, took her time, and  saw to it that I end up with the lashes I was hoping for.

Thank you so much!

P.S.  My husband comment that I look healthier and happier last few days.


I don't normally reveal my beauty secrets, but if you've been contemplating

lash extensions,

go to Aiko.

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